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AA Gill wrote: "Prestbury is a pretty enough village, with cobbles and half-timbers and an impressive Norman church, but that’s just a front. Actually, it is the seething pit of hell. If hell is other people, then the other people’s hell is Presbury people. I’ve always known that the devil’s most preciously loved vice would be smugness, and Prestbury is smug central.
It wrote the book of smug revelations and you can buy it in the church. Called simply Prestbury: A Little Piece of Olde England Still Survives, it goes: “So Prestbury retains something that is really England.
It is quiet even when the day-trippers are here and there seem to be more visitors than ever wandering the village main street gazing in the olde chocolate box windows. And some always say they wish they could live here. It’s something to do with the village friendly feeling. That’s why Prestbury folk are not too proud to pick up sweet papers or beer cans.
Where is Prestbury ?
Nestling amongst the rolling landscape 1.5 miles north of Macclesfield in the direction of Wilmslow.

Centres around the cosy village pubs, namely the Admiral Rodney and the Legh Arms, private parties, restaurants and hotels within the village.

Local shops cater for the everyday basics, but closest shopping centre is Macclesfield. Residents from Prestbury will be found in Manchester City Centre Department stores, Wilmslow and a variety of local producers selling from farm shops and markets.

Prestbury was founded by priests. Its name comes from Preôsta burh, which is sometimes thought to mean priests' town, but more correctly means a priests' fortified enclosure.

For their enclosure, the priests chose a defensible spot on the River Bollin where there was relatively high ground close to the river on both sides so that crossing was easy. From there they could travel to all parts of a parish which was extensive, though thinly populated, in part because the countryside was wild and barren and in part because the forest was reserved for hunting.

Famous Residents
Wayne Rooney, Wes Brown and Owen Hargreaves, have recently chosen to live in Prestbury adding to a long list of celebrity footballers who have made it their home including Eric Cantona when he played for Manchester United.